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·        Fast-acting home repair kit
·        Removes scratches, dings and nicks
·        Works on any car, in any colour
·        Non toxic - Permanent - Water Resistant - Odourless   

Details of the deal

We all get them and they really look awful – no, not lines on the face! Nearly as bad though – lines and scratches on your pride and joy. And it happened when your poor car was just parked up and minding it’s own business.

Today’s DoliDirect Deal eliminates the need to go to a body shop when all your car has are minor scratches. It is a great solution to clear up surface scratches, dings and nicks – a must have tool for DIY car fixers for those minor yet ugly and hard to get rid of scratches.

To remove scratches on your car with the Fix It Pro Pen, you simply swipe the pen across the scratch as you would a marker and let it dry. For smaller scratches or nicks, the whole process could literally take just a few seconds. No matter what type of paint job your car might have, you can use the pen to remove virtually any type of scratch or mark.

The pen also uses UV hardeners to ensure that the resin will cure perfectly in sunlight every single time you use the pen. The area on your car that previously contained the scratch will look shiny and polished, and the scratch will be undetectable.

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